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Angora Wool Ranching and Goals in Rabbit Raising
von William E. Otto

Taschenbuch, 83 Seiten
zahlreiche s/w Fotos
14. Auflage 1999
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Verlag: Diamond Farm Book Publish.
ISBN: antiquarisches Buch, nicht mehr lieferbar



  • Angora Wool Ranching
    • The Angora Rabbit
    • Angora Wool and its Uses
    • Advice to Beginners
    • Spinning and Knitting
    • General Care an Management
    • Breeding Methods
    • The Housing of Angoras
    • Feeding your Stock
    • Shearing the Angora
    • Marketing Angora Wool
    • The Medicine Chest
    • Making a Living from Angoras
    • Forms used in the Rabbitry
    • Opportunities in the Industrie
    • In Conclusion
  • Goals in Rabbit Raising
    1. Raise Domestic Rabbits Desire
    2. Establish a Market
    3. Use Modern Equipment Cages
    4. Have Adequate Housing
    5. Select A Good Breed
    6. Use Propper Feed and Feeding Techniques
    7. Plan Bredding Schedule
    8. Exercise Care of Litters
    9. Control Diseases
    10. Sell Production at a Profit

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